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energy inefficiency
Don�t leave your home, project or business exposed to the damaging effects of  mold, moisture, and energy inefficiency  Learn MORE Today! »
Spray Foam Insulation

USHP  Spray Foam Insulation

U.S. Home Protect offers Spray Foam Insulation services to homeowners and builders across the Southeast:

  • Sealection 500 open cell foam
  • Sealection Agribalance open cell foam
  • HeatLok Soy Closed cell foam
  • Thermal Barriers
moisture management

USHP  Mold Prevention

U.S. Home Protect specializes in mold and moisture management; contact us today to speak with professionals that have the knowledge to simplify your moisture management needs.

  • Forticel Preventative Treatment
  • Forticel Crawlspace Preventative Treatment
  • Proclean 101 Microbial Remediation
USHP closed crawlspace systems

USHP closed crawlspace systems

The Moisture Free Crawlspace System is designed to eliminate problems caused by high humidity in a typical vented crawlspace, while offering a 25-year liner warranty against decompression and tears.